Thursday, December 4, 2014

Form Filling Jobs In Bangalore

We are glad to introduce our new project US Hospital entry form filling. In this project you will get 3000 forms per system. We will provide customised software to you , You have to fill it in this form. You will get it raw files in the form of PDF/JPEG/TIFF format. Demo work has to do for atleast one day. For that demo work also you will get Qc report to avoid the same mistakes in live work. Raw files will be uploaded in our company ftp. You have to complete the live work within15 days (calendar days). After completing the project you will get the QC report within 3 days. Your payment will be released on next days itself. In this project contract period is 11 months. Stamp paper agreement will be provide by us .Per form you will get 10 Rs maximum. Earning potential for this project per slot is more than Rs 30000 . For more details contact Jaya Balan - 09597550481

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